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Our attention to detail and our passionate people, make the Tlusty & Co. difference.

In our little workshop, we have a big sign - Our Customer, Our Lord. This expression comes from 1925 when one of the most famous Czech entrepreneurs, Tomas Bata (the Czech Henry Ford), used it to define a new way of thinking about customers. He believed that customers' needs should always come first. Almost 100 years later and we are living Bata's motto every day. We want to provide best customer service and experience that we possibly can ... then make it better!

Up until now, we have more than 35 000 unique customers from across the Czech Republic and around the world. People just like you have fallen in love with their custom-made, original, leather good from our artisans here at Tlusty & Co. No matter where you are in the world, we offer you the same personalised service as if you were visiting our workshop in Prague. Our team is committed to helping our international and remote customers enjoy the process of selecting their individually designed piece. Thanks to Skype, Facetime and online chat, we are just couple clicks away from a video call and even a virtual tour of our workshop.

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Wendy James
20. 07. 2018

My first order was a wallet for my husband's birthday. The delivery was on time and it came beautifully wrapped with a nice letter from the person who made it. I am really excited and I will definitely order other things from Tlusty & Co. :)

Chris Will
10. 07. 2018

I never thought I could afford something custom made. The quality is second to none and I will definitely be buying Tlusty again.

Josh Matthews
30. 06. 2018

I ordered the perfect belt!

Matthew Bort
07. 06. 2018

Today my large zipper bag and wallet arrived. There is not one thing to complain about. It is beautiful, first-class work! Thank you very much.

Luboš Husak
17. 05. 2018

I creayed my own wallet and belt and I give them both 5 stars. I always look for the best quality and Tlusty has exceeded my expectations many times. Communication - no problems. Personal pick up - a very friendly approach. The production deadline was respected. Things are nicely packed in a gift box along with a nice "biography". I am, honoured to support these golden Czech hands. Many thanks, I'm glad to be a repeat customer and I strongly recommend them to everyone else.

Peter Vanasek
29. 04. 2018

An absolute hit! Great people, products, style and showroom - there's nothing else to add!

Milan Michalík
15. 04. 2018

Highly recommended!

Thomas Faron
27. 03. 2018

Wonderful craftsmen and undoubtedly great people, thank you for the beautiful wallet, I wish you all the best! :)

Veronika Paličková
08. 02. 2018

The best belt I have ever had. Common ones only last a year, but this still looks new year after year. I can definitely recommend them. :-)

Robert 'Mad Bob' Moutelík
14. 01. 2018

I bought the belt for the biker wallet and I am very happy. Very professional service and high quality products. Thank you.

Sandra Horešovská
10. 01. 2018

The diary is beautiful! Though when I ordered the cognac colour, I expected something else.

Hana Ot
10. 01. 2018

I ordered a monogrammed men's belt for a Christmas present. It is beautiful and the hand made construction is high-quality. Great packaging. Thank you for your work :)

Jana Rudová
29. 12. 2017

I ordered the belt as a Christmas present and liked it very much. The leather smelled beautiful, nicely made and packed. Communication was excellent.

Lucie Knapcová
27. 12. 2017

Super satisfied and their communication is PERFECT!

Michael Sterm
05. 11. 2017

Thank you! A very nice job, the wallet is just perfect. :) Next time I'll order matching shoes and the set will be perfect.

Roman Cox
31. 10. 2017

Very happy with Tlusty!

Tomáš Bastl
19. 10. 2017

Having an original bag that can't be bought anywhere else makes a for a fantastic gift. The customer communication was like I have never experienced, thank you.

Martin Hron
15. 06. 2017

My order was delayed due to holidays.

Anna Maple Javoříková
15. 06. 2017

I just received the two money clips I ordered as gifts. They are beautiful but arrived a week late and there were no full stops in the monogram. When it takes 6 weeks for a personalised gift this shouldn't happen, other than that, they are both beautiful!

Veronica Ves
15. 06. 2017

The purse doesn't sit perfectly when folded and the colour of the leather doesn't match photos on the internet (it is rather dark).